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Stirm selling Jim Jones Cool Aid and Lies about Belize's Gender Policy

Posted 17th June, 2013

              A moral Authority is defined as the quality or characteristic of being respected for having good character or knowledge, especially as a source of guidance or an exemplar of proper conduct. When one compares the definition  to actual practice the conclusion is just the opposite. The current debate on the gender policy have added  “UNIBAM helped draft it and it includes the homosexual agenda.” Such a statement is inaccurate, an insult to women and the effort of the National Women's Commission who ensured that there were multiply stakeholders in the development of the policy. The call for the gender policy to be "redone"  see original story at is not only an undeclared war on women and children, but on fundamental right and freedoms. He seem to prefer to behave like Jim Jones or David Koresh of the Davidian Compound in WACO Texaco. 

        Lets explore another claim, Stirm speaks of the Australian High Commission recognizes 24 genders. According the its passport website, its recognises male, female and X clear evidence that it does not and that Stirm is lying to the Belizean public Furthermore, they issued their guideline which establishes their policy here

       This is not his first time at histronics, at a presentation at Galen February, 2012, shared that the ACLU was seeking to sue  a high school in the US to allow gay porn. We fact check and found that it was to allow L.G.B.T supportive sites and that they supported filtering out porn site. The report states"
the ACLU lawsuit ...required the Camdenton Schools to allow access to positive lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) websites." See link for report

      The histrionics continues in the latest Cayo Star article June 16th, 2013 where it was written
"Firstly, it’s important for everyone to understand that POLICY IS THE LAST STEP BEFORE LAW!!!!
Attorneys who draft legislation have told us when you see a Policy in place, the legal framework is
ALREADY underway for that to become LAW!!"

     He ignores the public consultations that must take place across the country, that the Solicitor  General has its own procedures, that the legislative process goes through many legislative refinements to address rational concerns. What this writing implies is that the process is secretive which is furthest from the truth.

         The illiteracy does not stop with not understanding the legislative process, he seems to not  understand the issue of gender vs sexual orientation and deliberately mixes the issues. The Cayo Star  article points out,  "Once you include the term “sexual orientation,” the meaning of “gender” has been tweaked to include the homosexual “genders,” LGBTQIAPAA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Panseuxal, Asexual, Androgynous + at least 15 MORE!!"  Can I say ludicrous! Gender is the sum of cultural values, attitudes, roles, practices, and characteristics based on sex. Gender, as it has existed historically, cross-culturally, and in contemporary societies, reflects and perpetuates particular power relations between men and women (PAHO, 2000).
             The article in the Cayo Star speaks to : homosexual " genders"  and 15 or more, but such a simplistic description ignores  the fact that the term L.G.B. is sexual attraction, not gender while the T is both about sexual attraction and gender identity. The term intersex: They are exceedingly rare individuals who have both ovarian and testicular tissue in their bodies; their external genitals are often a mixture of male and female structures (Used to be called hermaphrodites or true hermaphrodites; no longer use these last two terms; they are archaic and offensive).  It is a set of medical conditions that feature congenital anomaly of the reproductive and sexual system. That is, intersex people are born with "sex chromosomes," external genitalia, or internal reproductive systems that are not considered "standard" for either male or female. The existence of intersexuals shows that there are not just two sexes and that our ways of thinking about sex (trying to force everyone to fit into either the male box or the female box) is socially constructed.  Androgynous:  A person appearing and/or identifying as neither man nor woman, presenting a gender either mixed or neutral.  Asexual: A person who is not sexually attracted to any gender. Pansexual:A person who is fluid in sexual orientation and/or gender or sex identity. Queer: An umbrella term to refer to all LGBTIQ people. The article mixes have truths to make its point.

Stirm has never established what Belize L.G.B.T Human Right he would not argue under Belize Action nor has he defined what L.G.B.T. citizens Fundamental Rights and Freedoms are. He has claimed we want " special rights" on one hand and say we already have have human rights. Confusing? Well it confuses me too. There is homophobic bullying in schools, homophobic principals at the primary and high school levels who would deny a student an education. There is crime and violence in the home, on the streets, in jails that an L.G.B.T person may face based on their sexual orientation.  Do we have a right to be free  from torture and inhumane treatment, right to work, to make health decisions for our partners and have our benefits extended to him/her when he our she is ill or dying? Do we have a right to due process and access to justice when experiencing abuse?

The entire document, as well as completed  word scan, have been done and  no incidence of the quoted “equality rights over religious freedom,” or “customary, religious, & cultural practices . . .” anywhere in the document. In fact, neither the words religion or religious appear in the document anywhere. That means that these quotes are lies. Yet the word below were written nevertheless:

“‘Equality Rights Over Religious Freedom!’ . . . It goes on to say that all ‘customary, religious, & cultural practices MUST BE SUBJECT TO THE RIGHT OF EQUALITY!’ So “equality rights” trump religious freedoms, according to the new Gender Policy!”
 The actual statement is this: “Respect for Diversity: Men and women in Belize are not a homogeneous group. Rather, the population is comprised of persons of all ages who come from diverse races, cultures, ethnicities, faiths, sexual orientations, socio-economic situations and behavioural lifestyles. All policies and programmes must therefore reflect this reality of diversity among the Belizean populace.” Does anyone, even Belize Action, dispute the statements in the first and second sentences? And to leap from diversity to bestiality is surely jumping the shark to manipulate the reader. It is also slanderous to the LGBT community and their supporters.

“This whole Gender Policy is full of terminology of the LGBT agenda.”

The only words of the L.G.B.T agenda that turns up in the Gender Policy is “equality.” To say otherwise is like saying that the gender policy is written in English, and L.G.B.T people speak English, so the gender policy is dominated by LGBT words. Not only is this a lie and a slander, but it again insults the remarkable efforts of the women of the commission to write a balanced, informed, and careful document that incorporates Belize concerns and its international commitments.

This entire matter has been precipitated by that single mention in the document of “sexual orientation.” At that phrase, Belize Action leaders started drooling like Pavlovian dogs, and Stirm, like a poorly behaved dog, always tries to stick his nose in everyone’s crotch to sniff out what they’ve been doing in the privacy of their own homes. But sexual orientation isn’t really the crucial issue at all. Dominionist accretion of power is the issue. Gay people are just easy targets because there is so much animosity towards them by history. The Dominionists can’t get away with saying, “We want your permission to have our form of Christianity determine what you watch, what you hear, what you do, what the country’s laws are, what your family should be, what your children should be taught, how you should do business, what your think and believe, and what your religion should be. Okay?” But they can say without much fear, “The batty men are trying to rape your boys and recruit your young men, and sexually abuse your livestock.” And why not? They’ve gotten away with it so far.

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